Network Building for Social Change: A Three-Part Webinar Series

This three-part webinar series offered participants very practical approaches to developing a more effective and sustainable network.

June Holley, the webinar presenter, is an independent consultant who is developing a national support system for social change networks, including network leadership training, assistance to foundations on network strategies, a tracking tool for networks, and web-based platforms to support self-organizing. She is the author of The Network Weaver Handbook. You can learn more about June Holley on her Network Weaver website.

Webinar partners included the Children & Nature Network, the Back to Nature Network, and the Children in Nature Collaborative. As partners in the planning and moderation of this webinar series, we share an ongoing, common vision of a world in which all children play, learn and grow with nature in their everyday lives.

Each live webinar included a Toolkit with activities to enhance learning, links to online communities for further conversation, and a record of the webinar chat.

Please see the resource links for each of these webinars, below.

The online communities to check out for the webinar series include June Holley’s Network Weaving Facebook Page and the Networks for Social Change Google Group.


This webinar is for anyone interested in a very practical approach to developing more effective and sustainable networks through learning, integrating, and implementing new network leadership approaches and strategies.

Resource links:


We all want our networks to make things happen, but how do we do it? One advantage of intentional networks is that they can be structured to involve many more people in realizing collaborative action projects. This webinar will:

1.Provide concrete steps that local networks can follow to catalyze and support collaborative action.

2.Highlight examples from local networks working to connect children with nature that illustrate key factors in the successful implementation of collaborative action.

Resource links:


Healthy networks are living systems that depend on the quality and strength of relationships. The focus of this webinar is implementing approaches within our organizations and regional initiatives that embody the core values of network leadership and a new way of working.

This webinar takes a close look at five areas within the structure and culture of our organizations and networks, with interactive questions to help you:

1.Assess where you want to be in the areas of people and relationships, culture and alignment, action, structure and support

2.Identify critical challenges

3.Determine readiness for incremental or comprehensive approaches in moving forward

Resource links:

Please contact Maria Legault for any technical assistance that you may need for accessing these resources. You can email her at mlegault [at] rbg [dot] ca.

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